An update to the YINZR line. You STOLE this!

Sep 12th 2020

An update to the YINZR line. You STOLE this!

HI guys! Hope your'e all well. While we have gotten mostly positive feedback on our little sister line called "YINZR," We did get some comments here and there such as ...

"You ripped off everyone in town." "You stole this." and "Somebody else already did this."

So? It is true? Please say it ain't so! And if it is, what brought us to this lowly stage??

Well, instead of going back and forth in the comments with people like a junior high kid, I decided to just address your concerns here. 

When we launched YINZR, I thought it was going to be painfully obvious that it was a parody line. However, because some people got upset and cried foul,I guess I have some 'splaining to do. Are the styles for YINZR copied from other brands? Yes, 100%. That's the whole point of a parody. You take something and purposely put a humorous spin on it without altering the original beyond the point of recognition. No offense to any other Pittsburgh based clothing brands but everything in the city is so similar and has been for years. It's almost impossible to make a Pittsburgh tee that hasn't already been done three times over...and that's not including the strip. That's why I was so excited to make Black and Yellow. It was something that was truly different and I was eager to try and give the city something it never had before. That's why we were awarded copyrights by the gub-mint. It's different. 

As for the new line..Look guys, YINZR is a joke. Right down to the name itself. They're $20 tees is the same-ish style that everyone has seen for years. It's us having a bit of fun during the pandemic. Flipping the north side logo isn't going to win anyone originality points. That goes for us and the other brand that apparently has been stealing it for a decade. To be perfectly honest, I was just going to run this line for a few months or so till we sold the initial run and then axe it. But now, since a bunch of trolls pissed me off, I'll probably not only keep it, but add to it. Why? Because you never let the terrorists win. That's why!

Stay safe friends. Support local, vote in November, and GO STILLERS!

p.s. We added "parody warnings" all over the page now so some of yinz won't have a stroke. 


CEO and head jagoff

Black and yellow apparel