"Who are you guys?"

We are a group of musicians, artists, and designers who wanted to create a new Pittsburgh brand of clothes. We wanted to make an powerful icon built from the ground up around the city we love. We set out to make a brand that represents everything we love about the entire culture of Pittsburgh.

 "Why black and yellow? Isn't Pittsburgh The Black and GOLD?"

Well, there's historically been two schools of thought on this subject. To sum it up, the old timers call most Pittsburgh sports the "Black and Gold" and that's perfectly fine. In reality, however, All of Pittsburgh sports and city memorabilia have always been Black and Yellow since the jump. The New Orleans Saints are a real example of Black and Gold. Either way, we're a Pittsburgh company that serves the Burgh and its fans. 



"Are you affiliated with Wiz Khalifa?"

No. Wiz made a song called "Black and yellow." We aren't affiliated with Wiz but we definitely dig his music and we are very proud that a fellow Pittsburgher has made such a name for himself.

If you came here looking for Wiz Khalifa merchandise, simply  CLICK HERE  and tell them we said Hi!


"What's with all the skulls and what do they have to do with Pittsburgh?"

Our icon is called "The Skyline Skull" because it's a skull with the skyline of Pittsburgh built in the teeth. That has never been done before with any city and it's exclusive to Black and yellow apparel and Pittsburgh, PA. The Skull represents our undying loyalty to Pittsburgh and means we are Pittsburghers till death. To learn more about our Logo, read our Blog



 "Ok, but what kind of material are your shirts? Cool designs and logos don't mean anything if the shirts aren't good quality."

  Oh, we certainly agree. As consumers, We have a bunch of shirts that we bought for the designs but ended up disliking the actual fabric and as a result, never wore more than a few times. That's why Black & Yellow apparel uses pre-laundered, fitted t-shirts made from 60% ringspun cotton and 40% polyester. They hug your body just right and they're super soft.